Being pro-active more than once a wheek!

Hello all!

I have been very busy with another blog and school, but from now on I will try and do a small post every day. Obviously some days I won’t manage this, but hopefully 6 times a wheek (ish) will be sufficient!

I have been reading @hutchagoodlife’s posts every day and love the style they write in, so have been using it a little bit here and will use it in some ‘piggy perspective’ posts!

The clan send their love from the garage!

I have been taking some pigtures today of my beautiful piggies munching on their dinner, but they don’t seem to have sent from the iPhone to here, only the pigture of the big bowl of veggies whee prepared for them seems to have shown up!

Anyway, today’s menu…


Lots of Greens!

Carrot Tops (the green leafy bits- wheeek!!!! Yummy scrummy)

Carrot Peelings (om nom)

Broccoli Stalks

Here is the pigture of our big bowl of veggies!


The piggies say ‘Whee always squeak when mummy brings in din-dins! ‘

Om nom nom!

Also I have big news on the guinea pig front:

I adopted a friend’s guinea pig who hadn’t really been looked after very well, she had very bad mites and had been fed on hamster food, among other things. However, I have adopted her and although she has been hostile towards the other piggies, she is a lovely little teddy and all of her mites are gone! She is now being fed on lots of veggies (of course) and Excel Tasty Nuggets, as well as lots of Hay and and of course water to drink!
She is settling in very well and regaining her confidence.

Another big piece of news is I am breeding Willow again with a stunningly handsome little boy called Hunka Munka. He is a great pet show-pig too!

His mummy had best pet in show (out of 88 I think, wowee!), best of breed and lots of other big rosettes! He is a lovely Black rough-coat with a lot of attitude!

I’m sure that black/golden agouti babies will pop out of Willow, which will be very beautiful!

I have pigtures of Skye (the adopted friendly pig) and Hunky (the handsome boar) on the iPhone but I won’t be able to post them here till tomorrow…But I p-aw-romise I will!

Lots of love from me and the Piggy Clan,

Bella 🙂

(Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble, Skye and Hunky-for a little bit- xxxx)


Whee love to read your comments so please leave one down below!

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