I sent the pigtures again today, along with a pigture of today’s menu, but once again it didn’t work! 😦

I am very irritated and the clan’s whiskers are all shaking with controlled anger! They want to be on the blog!

Anyway, I will edit the pigture of the menu into the post… and here is today’s menu!


Carrot Peelings + A little bit of carrot with stalk 😉


Celery (Bumble wheeeeeeks with joy and popcorns into the air!)

Corn on the Cob (Skye wheeeeeeeeeks even louder with joy than Bumble!) – very good for piggy teeth too!

Corn on the Cob leaves- we get these with our Corn on the Cobs!

(we get lots of our veggies cheap from a grocery store in Nailsworth that does an ‘animal section’ where they sell slightly defective veggies -suitable for animals- very cheap! We got the greens from here too. Everything is only 50p! We got some cucumber from here which was a slightly different shade of green, which is a good example of a defective veggie!)

As usual, on the menu was also Excel Tasty Nuggets, fresh hay and water! Today was too wet for grass, but yesterday I picked some grass for the piggies. Usually we put them out, but at the moment it’s a bit wet and windy for them!

Lots of love from me and the piggies,

Bella, Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble and Hunky (until the 25th)

xxxx + piggy hugs!


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