Guinea Pig Babies to go to a loving home near Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK!

I have a friend (the very one who owns Hunka Munka, in fact) who has 2 sows looking for a good home. Hunka Munka is the dad, too! He got into the sow’s cage (Trooper) and 10 weeks later, babies were born!

One baby is a black and white smooth coat, just like her mum, and the other sow is a black and white rough coat (she’s an abyssinian) like her dad!

I will get pictures of all three babies (one is a chocolate boar, but I believe he has already found a home, mummy and daddy, and update this post or make a new one with the pictures.

Lots of piggy love, hugs and kisses,

Bella, Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble, Skye, Hunky, Trooper, Midnight (Hunky’s dad), R.I.P Lulu (Hunky’s mum, who got best pet and lots of other rosettes, bless her soul), and all of the other lovely guinea pigs belonging to my friend Maria and her sister Libby! xxxx 🙂


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