Super-dooper Sunday!

Sorry for a lack of posts, I’ve been very busy this weekend!
Anyway, trying to do this from my phone, so if stuff doesn’t work (image, etc. I do apologise, and I’ll edit it tomorrow once my laptop has underped.)
Without further ado, here is today’s menu!


Carrot Peelings

Parsnip Peelings 😦

Cucumber (Peppi says YAYYY

Lettuce (only a tiny bit as a treat

Baby tomatoes

Here is the pigture of our big bowl of veggies!

I can’t do all of the formatting on here -although I actually have copy/pasted stuff and edited it, I have no idea whether it worked or not :O
Peppi and Computer Coding aren’t good friends at the moment :/ (always blame the guinea pigs why don’t you mummy-Lots of love to you though readers! Peppi)


The piggies say ‘Mummy kept us waiting a LONG time today. It JUST ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH MUMMY!!!’

Lots of love
Bella, Maria, and all of the many guinea pigs!
P.S Message from da pigs:

Wheee have a guinea pigs show on Saturday which whee are all very excited about- whee’ll keep you posted! xxx


Whee love to read your comments so please leave one down below!

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