Toffee Blogs-Moody Monday!

Me looking fabulous :)

Me looking fabulous 🙂

As you guys in da UK probably have noticed, it is very wet and rainy. Peppi is sneezing, which is worrying me a little bit. My hooman, Natty, gave me cuddles today which made me very happy. He also gave me some cucumber which was very yummy! My mummy hooman, Bella (who whee believe is Natty’s sister) gave us all cuddles and cucumber as well, especially Willow which was unfair because Bella said she was very nervous. Me and Peppi wheeked as loud as we could to alert the hooman that we wanted Cucumber too!

Willow was very happy once she was out of the cage, and snuggled down, but she gets a bit scared being gotten out. Me and Peppi are stars though, whee love being gotten out!

Bumble wouldn’t stop wheeeking until Bella got her out, and then she wheeked because she’s missing Willow, her buddy, very much whilst Willow is with Hunky. Then the hooman got Skye out, who was very happy to see her, and has made lots of improvement since the hooman adopted her 2 weeks ago! She is very cuddly and snuggly and she eats from Bella’s hand! Willow is a bit nervous doing this, but she does sometimes and I’m using hutchagoodlife’s tips to tame her a little more so she isn’t so wary of the hoomans.

Now about MEEEEEEE! I am going to a show on Saturday, and I know I will do very well. The hooman is very good at getting us ready, and then it’s down to our pigsonalities once they’ve approved of our physique! The ideal pig is…a BFP.

B- Big (Big Boned, chubby, whatever you want to call us portly pigs)

F– Friendly

P- Pig!

Hunky’s mummy was a BFP many a time, I have been it once and Peppi has come 2nd and 3rd before. The other girlies have only been to one show each (although Skye hasn’t yet, and won’t be going to this one) and although Bumble did fabulously, she will do much better once she’s bigger!

I can’t remember today’s dinner, it was very yummy though, and whee all loved it! Mummy didn’t take a picture either, which is very annoying. 😦

I love my hoomans though, they’re the best!

Piggy love

Toffee 🙂 xxx


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