Finished getting the piggies ready for the show!!!

Wow, that took me about an hour to get them all ready and then another hour to clean out 2 of the big cages and feed them all!

They’re looking very  lovely and clean now though, and I’ll take some pictures at the show and post them with results 😉

Also, welcome a new writer to this blog….Maria!

She is one of the owners of Hunka Munka and friends, and is going to start posting tomorrow (hopefully).

Here are the long-awaited pictures of the guinea pigs that I finally got to send!!!



Skye- the best picture I could get 😦




Peppi looking adorable!


Bumble is a-munching 😉


‘Yes, I’m the cutie.’ ^_^


‘I was eating my vegetables, how dare you take a photo?!’


Peppi’s Munchability factor is very high!


Handsome Hunky 😉



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