Guinea Pig Show results!

Bonsoir efurryone!
Bumble the Brilliant reporting for duty!

Toffee, Peppi and the one and only me were entered…and I did the best! Seriously… ^_^

There were 2 different shows running, the Southern and the Wyevern. The Wyvern judge didn’t like me very much, or Peppi or Toffee, but she liked Star, one of Maria’s piggies, very much! ^_^

The sad thing is that the Wyevern rosettes were wayyyy cooler so Star got the good rosettes whilst I was stuck with the tacky ones. WHEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK! (indignant cry)

So, I know you’re all bursting to hear which rosettes I won!

But I’ll have to tell you about Peppi and Toffee first, save the best till last (that’s me, in case you didn’t get it ^_^)

Peppi did well, she came third out of all the adult pets which is pawsome! She was nearly in the Top 6, but bepaws she came third and not second or first, she missed out 😦 Usually the judges put longhaired piggies before short hairs, as the top 2 adults were smooth, but humph, no she didn’t! Mummy was still proud of her, but not as proud as she was of me (obviously ^_^)

She won some firsts in Juvenile Owned Adult Sow and stuff, but when it came down to the TOP 3 (!) she came third. Ah well, it doesn’t stop her being the pawsomest pig ever to exist (apart from me and my best piggie friend Willow, of course ^_^)

Toffee got marked down for having dusty ears, it’s her fault for rolling in the hay and straw 😛 Mummy was a little bit annoyed because the judge wrote down that she (mummy) ‘had missed a few claws’ (as in ‘missed them out whilst clipping them’) when in actual fact mummy just cut of the very ends because she hates cutting claws, especially brown or black ones (Toffee’s are brown, thank goodness I have 2 white stockings! ^_^).

She got best crested Adult Sow (she was the only one, hehehe) but that was it 😦


I got best J/O (juvenile owned) rough U5 (months) Sow, Best J/O Rough U5 sow/boar, Best J/O Rough A/A (all ages) Sow, Best J/O Rough A/A Sow/Boar, Best Rough U5, BEST JUVENILE OWNED PET (!), and then 3rd OVERALL out of all of the pets! I’m only 5 months old! The judges said, in these exact words, ‘She’s going to be quite a stunner when she’s older.’ And the only reason I didn’t get Best Pet was because ‘I still have time to grow.’ Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I might have got more but that’s just off the top of my head. ^_^ I got rosettes for the last two mentioned! Mummy gave me big cuddles when we got home. The judge also said to mummy that the reason I did some well was because of all of the love and cuddles I’m given. I lurvveee you mummy!

(please note, all of the aforementioned awards were all in the Pet section, I just couldn’t be bothered to write ‘Pet’ every time ^_^ Lazy me!!)

Happy Saturday




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