Monday Not-so-fun-day!

Computer is being naughty AGAIN so apologies (AGAIN) for lack of formatting with images 😦
Anyway; today’s menu on the piggy front….

Spring Greens (finished off the last bag today!)
Half a red pepper (the other half from yesterday ^_^)
Baby Tomatoes
Mini carrots (they have a special name which I’ve forgotten ^_^)


YUM YUM with extra cuddles on top!

Willow seems to be getting heavier, we hope this means she’s pregnant! ^_^ Weighing her tomorrow (I haven’t got round to it yet, was going to weigh her 3 weeks after being with boar, which was Saturday (although the boar left on Friday ^_^) but I didn’t get round to it (oops ‘~’)
Hehehe 😛
I’ll report my findings back to you ASAP!!!
(Cheesy news reporter voice 😉 )
Happy Monday!
(The reason it isn’t good is because of the storm that just passed and the wet weather 😦 luckily the piggies are safe and dry in the garage!)

Lots of love
Bella and piggies-
Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble, and Skye 🙂


Whee love to read your comments so please leave one down below!

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