New Writer on the Blog!

Please welcome new co-writer, Sihaya!
She has some lovely piggies and is a close friend of mine ^_^

She will be writing regularly (yayyy) about her piggies, and I’m sure she’ll do a post with pictures of her piggies and their names (etc.) very soon! ^_^

Piggy kisses

Bella and the piggies; Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble and Skye xxx


Yesterday’s cuddles 🙂


Willow 🙂


Willow and Bumble- BFF’s 😛


Bumble ^_^


2 thoughts on “New Writer on the Blog!

    • Hehe whee all love Agoutis ^_^ Noah has some lovely agouti in him! ^_^ Willow is a golden agouti, and Peppi has a Lemon Agouti nose ^_^
      Sihaya has 2 agoutis! She’ll be doing a post soon, when she’s on her computer I’m sure she’ll post with a little reminder 🙂
      We’re planning on doing a show preparation video series soon, so keep you eye out for that! ^_^

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