Hey Everyone!!!

Hellooo there, this is Sihaya and co.!

I’m the Proud Mama of my two girlies Misty & Bramble and my two boys, Smudge & Puddle! They are all one big family, although they are kept in two separate cages : ( , because Misty is Bramble’s mum and Bramble and Smudge are Puddle’s parents!


Misty, Mrs Perfect


Bramble, Miss Beautiful!!!

Puddle, my little cutie- pie. He can't help being cute!

Puddle, my little cutie- pie. He can’t help being cute!


Smudge, Mr Fat Daddy!!!

I can’t wait to give you more updates on how we’re doing! I’ll try to post
something at least once every other day 🙂

Here’s some info about my piggies:

– Misty is a black and white sheltie.

I got her from a breeder in Swindon around 2 1/2 years ago. She has had one

litter of pups. The dad was a Rex /Himalayan cross and they had four lovely babies, two girls (Bramble and a smooth Himalayan) and two boys
(like their dad) . I kept Bramble as she seemed the most attached to her mum, Misty and also she was just (obviously) the cutest!

– Bramble is a golden agouti (don’t know how that happed!) with a white ‘bramble thorn’ across her side. She has had one litter with Smudge, two girls and a boy (Puddle). Bramble hasn’t entered any shows but will do as soon as there’s another one! 😀



Puddle and his two sisters! XxX


– Smudge is a Agouti with ginger.

When Bella got her piggie Willow, from a breeder in Bristol, I saw Smudge and fell in love!

A few months later, I came and picked him up!!! He has entered one show so far and he did very well!

(YYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!) He lives with Puddle and the two of them get on like a father and son 🙂
(with the occasional tiff) !!!

– Puddle is a tri-colour.

He is a very squeeeky and extremely noisy little guy, who I’m sure will do well in shows, as he is fat/chubby and friendly!


That’s pretty much it!

I’ll post more updates on how we’re doing, what we’re eating and pics of our cuddle time!

Piggy Kisses




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