Mummy has been sick :(

As whee all know, time waits for no man, woman, girl, boy or guinea pig, but when somebody is ill then they can’t be bothered to do anything! 

So whee are going to apologise on mummy’s behalf, wish you a very happy late thanksgiving, a great Black Friday, and a fun weekend 🙂

Today whee haven’t been fed yet, but have been looking up some stuff for C n C cages. Whee found a very useful UK website http://www.grendle.co.uk/ which sell C n C cages and accessories!

Whee are hoping to order from them soon, would anyone reading this reccommend getting a loft? Whee are worried that any babies Willow might have might initally have trouble going up/down the ramp leading up to the loft. Any ideas?

Whee will almost definitely have a roof on it, as the cage will be in mummy’s room so that if/when babies are born, they won’t freeze in the garage and the cat can’t get to them. Don’t worry people; the cage will be baby proofed! Whee will put correx round the edges so that the babies can’t squeeze through the gaps.

Have a nice wheekend people!

Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble and Skye xxxxxxx


Pigture of Willow’s tummy!

Whee have made up some charts and stuff and it’s in a PDF, we are going to attach it to this post so hopefully that will work 🙂

Whee also have the photos of Willow’s tummy, comment if you can see the bulge!!!

Check out the PDF if it worked ^_^

Toffee, Peppi, Willow, Bumble and Skye xxxxx

P.S Mummy is making us some cosies as whee type, so if she finishes them whee will upload pigtures today or tomorrow 🙂



Willow- pregnant?!

Hello everyone!
Bella here!
I spent a long time sorting out the pigs today, here is the menu from today:

Broccoli stalks
Carrot Peelings
And as a treat, a tiny bit of lettuce!


Today I weighed willow…. She’s now 1105g, which is a 91g increase since the 8th November.
Here is a little table of her weight gain…

DATE:       5th October- put with boar      29th October- boar out!        8th November       25th November (today)- slight swelling of stomach?

WEIGHT(g)  940                                              958                                                1014                              1105

Also, I will post a pigture of her tummy which seems to be slightly swollen soon (Need to upload it onto computer or my phone, it’s on my brother’s iPod).

She also has been drinking loads more and eating all of her food!
So, fingers crossed, she’s got some lovely little pups in there. I have made up some charts to get an idea of what breed and coat they might be, so I’ll post those ASAP!
They will be born in about 3-4 weeks, maybe more though. We are trying to build a C n C cage which we will most likely bring in cold if its freezing cold when she’s expecting!
We’ll keep you posted!

Bella and Pigs 🙂



Cleaning out is fun! :)

Today whee finally got the pigture of my cosy! Here it is, with me modelling it. What do you think?!



Skye xxxx

I’m handing over to mummy now, to talk about how fun it is to clean out the cages!!!!


No matter what people tell you, having guinea pigs is a big responsibility and a lot of fun!

To be honest, I actually enjoy cleaning out my guinea pigs. Yes, really. It’s quite therapeutic and relaxing to spend a while doing the routine of emptying the cages, spraying the cages, putting new bedding in the cages, feeding the pigs, and cuddling the pigs. Even in the cold. So although I kinda dread cleaning the pigs out every week because it’s cold out there, dark and it’s time-consuming, once I start I always find myself enjoying it, and reading some interesting newspaper article when I’m putting fresh newspaper in. 

So if you’re thinking about getting new pet guinea pigs, it’s a lot of fun in my opinion, but is a lot of work. 

Happy Friday everyone!
Bella x



Sorry whee’ve been busy!

Whee have been super busy this wheek, with all of the birthday’s coming up!
It’s mummy’s birthday on Saturday (2 days!) and her dad’s and Pasta’s tomorrow!
Whee are very excited!
But because effuryone has been busy, whee haven’t had the chance to post!
Whee are furry sorry, and whee are trying to finish editing the many videos whee have filmed. 🙂 Whee also are hoping to get mummy to make some more cosies and stuff as it’s getting colder by the day! Once mummy has had her birthday, she’s going to buy some of the materials with her birthday money to make a C n C cage.
Whee have bought some pretty rainbow fleece and some more wadding so mummy doesn’t have an excuse not to make them ^_^
Whee also are going to post the picture of Skye’s new cosy soon!
Anyways, have a furry great Friday! Whe’ll talk to you tomorrow or on mummy’s birthday (and her twin’s ^_^)
Have a furry great Thursday too 🙂
Piggy kisses
Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble and Skye


Furry Fun Floor Time!

Sorry for no posts efurrybody, yesterday whee couldnt get the post to publish, so here is the post whee were trying to post yesterday!

Whee are hoping to get the pictures of our new swag today, whee know whee have some pigtures somewhere…

Anyway, here is yesterday’s post!

Today whee enjoyed our floor time furry much!
Mummy made Skye a Cosy, and a CuddleCup for all of us to share. Whee have photos of our new stuff on the phone, but whee have some pictures of floor time and a video which will be posted when whee’ve edited it. 🙂
Anyway, without furrrther ado, here are the furry nice pictures of some of us having fun on the landing!
Our play area on the landing, all safely blocked off 🙂
Willow playing hide and seek in a plastic tube!
Bumble finding and eating the spinach hidden around the play area 🙂

Thanks for reading! Whee will update a bit later if mummy doesn’t have too much homework (She has a lot, but whee are hoping she will be able to get it done in time)!

Piggy kisses

Toffee, Peppi, Willow, Bumble and Skye xxxxxxx