Hello efurrypig and effuryhoomanbean, Skye reporting for duty today!

Today I had sweetcorn, which as you may know is my favourite food! I was so happy, I was popcorning all over the place!

Furry pretty, but furry scary for us pigs!

Anyway, onto the serious business. 

There are lots of fireworks tonight! Whee find these extremely scary, luckily it’s quiet in the garage and whee can’t see the fireworks so we’re okay; stay safe though efurryone!

It is also very windy so mummy had to block up the gaps under the garage door so whee didn’t get drafts. Drafts are one of the 3 D’s, so whee hate them with all of our hearts!






Hehehe, mummy does a good job of stopping these three evil beings from annoying us!

She cleans us out, which gets rid of dirt and damp and we’re in the garage so we don’t get drafts, or rain either, which helps keep us dry!

Hope the 3 D’S help piggy owners out there to keep their piggies happy; effury little helps!

Have a great Sunday and sweet dreams tonight!

Skye xxxxxx



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