New cages?!

Hello! Bumbsy here! 



Mummy has been doing some research on guinea pig cages, because she want to build a C ‘n’ C cage!

She’s hoping to build one for peppi and toffee first, with lots of CuddleCups, Tunnels and Cosy Caves for them to play in! Mummy says she’s going to make them! Once they’re all cosy, she’s hoping to build one for us and Skye, and make it nice and big so Skye has enough room and so that she can slowly be introduced to us. Mummy is going to give us special play time with Skye soon, so that whee can adjust to her. If anyone has any reccommendations of where to buy Cubes for C ‘n’ C cages in the UK cheap, whee’d love to know!

Sorry for the late post, whee’ve been busy ^_^

Sweet dreams in your CuddleCups! 

Bumble xxxxxx


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