Still looking up C n C cages :)

Going to clean out the piggies soon!

I was doing some research into cubes, cheapest I could find were on Amazon.

Don’t know how many I need though, whether this will be enough, too many or too little, I don’t really know the size yet so it’s hard to tell.


Thanks to Bongo, Clowie and Alfalfa for following my blog ^_^, I really appreciate it 😀

Anyway, I’ll be doing another post later, this was just a quick one 🙂

Bella x


7 thoughts on “Still looking up C n C cages :)

  1. Go look on the C&C cage site associated somehow with The Guinea Pig Zone. Yo can order EVERYTHING from them. Cubes are easy enough to get here at Target and Walmart, it’s the coroplat pans that are the thing. They sell all of the connectors and pieces and things apart from the cubes on that site. A normal set of cube shelves gives a 2×3 shelving unit and comes with 23 panels and 18 connectors. You aren’t building a 2×3 shelving unit, but how many of the cube shelf panels/connectors you will need will depend on cage size and design. Hope that helps. As for me, the fleece forest and hanging corner deals really appeal to me as Annie is fond if sleeping on the toilet, as it were. What that pig would do to a cuddle cup? Ugh. Frederick would be better to use them “properly” (until he figured out how to pick it up and throw it at Harville 😉 ).

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