DT Door Sign

Hello efurrybody!
Mummy is planning to do a door sign for us as her DT project at the moment! She’s digitally editing the sketch she’s done, and then she’s spray painting on the words ‘WATCH OUT! GUINEA PIGS ABOUT!’ and then she’ll have our names printed with a special machine which will then be added onto it. There will also be a red LED in the ‘O’ of OUT! which will look cool.

Whee are excited!

Also she says she is still editing the video, but that she is going to order bulk hay, and rotate because whee couldn’t decide! ^_^ Once we’ve nearly run out of one type, she’ll order the next!

Hehehe, whee’re so naughty!

Today’s menu….


Whee had…

Carrot Peelings




and Grapes as a sweet treat! ^_^


Yum Yum!

Piggy kisses

Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble and Skye xxxx


6 thoughts on “DT Door Sign

  1. You have carrot peelings? We insist on the whole carrot, you really need to consult your lawyer about this. I don’t really even like carrots, but it us the principle of the thing. See if you can get third-party inspection and surrender process going on for the other stuff they don’t tell you about written into the carrot settlement. — Annie Wigglewhiskers

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