Furry Friday!!!

Hello effuryone!
Today whee had lots of cuddles, and Willow was weighed!
Whee also had some yummy veggies;

Loads of Curly Kale!

Yummy yum yum!


Also, mummy has nearly finished editing the video…but she has just been yelled at to ‘GET OFF THAT COMPUTER!’ because she got furry annoyed with her brother for taking furever to come upstairs and watch a film, and now it’s too late to start watching a film now. :/
So she can’t put the finishing touches on the video! Whee think whee look great so far, apart from when Willow piddles on the blanket! Hehehe!
Whee will try and get her to finish it tomorrow.
She is also planning to buy some fleece and stuff to make us some cosy caves, CuddleCups and maybe a Lap Pad!
Whee are furry excited!
She is hoping to film it, but whee just wanted to let you know that it might take a lot of editing so please bear with!
Lots of piggy kisses
The Pigs…


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