Cosy Making!

Today mummy made me and Bumble a cosy cave!
It was massive, much bigger than whee expected!
Whee loved it!
Here is a pigture:

Mummy did a video but it needs a lot of editing so it won’t be ready for a couple of days whee’re afraid to say!
But our hay testing video is nearly done! Just a few finishing touches that mummy will do in the morning, and whee imagine she will post it tomorrow or at the latest Monday.
Whee are incredibly sorry for the delay!
Whee hope that Buddy had a great second birthday today, and that efurryone had a nice day today too. πŸ™‚
Piggy kisses and cuddles,
Willow and the other piggies xxxxx


4 thoughts on “Cosy Making!

    • It is!
      She just followed the instructions on and it said ‘for a pair of cavies double this measurement’ but whee think it could fit 4 of us in there!
      Mummy is going to make Toffee, Peppi and Skye cosies too, and also we’ll all hopefully get CuddleCups and Tunnels!
      Willow and Bumble xxx

  1. Yay, thank you for remembering my birthday! I got a cozy from Mummy which she made too but her camera stopped working so whee will have to post about it tomorrow or the day after!

    Hope you have a great Saturday


    ps. not sure about you but there are lots of fireworks here tonight, I think they are celebrating my birthday! Hehehee

    • Hehe how could whee forget?!
      That’s pawsome!
      Whee hope you had some great snuggles yesterday πŸ™‚

      And yes, there were loads of fireworks!
      Whee think that it was because of the music studio opening across the road, but whee don’t know.
      Have a great Sunday!

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