Mohawk Monday :D

Happy Monday effuryone!
Bumble here. 🙂
Hopefully it wasn’t too moody, it was very wet around here but whee were fine in the garage. 🙂
Whee had a guinea pig cake today; yum yum!
Melon (no seeds obviously)
Spring Greens

Whee squeaked a lot when mummy walked in bepaws she took ages bringing us our veggies! She gave us cake first to see if whee liked it before luring us away with the smell of fresh veggies….

Toffee and Peppi’s cage was cleaned out, bepaws it wasnt clean enough fur our standards.
So mummy cleaned it out for us! 🙂
Here is a pigture of our menu tonight and a pigture of our cake (which whee loved) 😀



I, Bumble, have a Mohawk, so whee thought it was necessary to call this post ‘Mohawk Monday’ bepaws I am amazing like that. 🙂

Night night effuryone!
Bumble xxxx


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