Cleaning out is fun! :)

Today whee finally got the pigture of my cosy! Here it is, with me modelling it. What do you think?!



Skye xxxx

I’m handing over to mummy now, to talk about how fun it is to clean out the cages!!!!


No matter what people tell you, having guinea pigs is a big responsibility and a lot of fun!

To be honest, I actually enjoy cleaning out my guinea pigs. Yes, really. It’s quite therapeutic and relaxing to spend a while doing the routine of emptying the cages, spraying the cages, putting new bedding in the cages, feeding the pigs, and cuddling the pigs. Even in the cold. So although I kinda dread cleaning the pigs out every week because it’s cold out there, dark and it’s time-consuming, once I start I always find myself enjoying it, and reading some interesting newspaper article when I’m putting fresh newspaper in. 

So if you’re thinking about getting new pet guinea pigs, it’s a lot of fun in my opinion, but is a lot of work. 

Happy Friday everyone!
Bella x



10 thoughts on “Cleaning out is fun! :)

  1. So true and they are the sweetest four legged little creatures on the face of the earth but one had to be responsible and keep them clean and fed, and Annabelle is yelling at me not to forget to tell everyone not to forget their treats and toys.

  2. Opps forgot to say MollySue and Annabelle love your cozy and want one. Gonna to have to ask piggyclause for two ay piggymas.

  3. Did you make your own cozies or do you purchase them? If so, where do you get them from? I think Petrie and Nugget would love one!
    – Jenna

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