Willow- pregnant?!

Hello everyone!
Bella here!
I spent a long time sorting out the pigs today, here is the menu from today:

Broccoli stalks
Carrot Peelings
And as a treat, a tiny bit of lettuce!


Today I weighed willow…. She’s now 1105g, which is a 91g increase since the 8th November.
Here is a little table of her weight gain…

DATE:       5th October- put with boar      29th October- boar out!        8th November       25th November (today)- slight swelling of stomach?

WEIGHT(g)  940                                              958                                                1014                              1105

Also, I will post a pigture of her tummy which seems to be slightly swollen soon (Need to upload it onto computer or my phone, it’s on my brother’s iPod).

She also has been drinking loads more and eating all of her food!
So, fingers crossed, she’s got some lovely little pups in there. I have made up some charts to get an idea of what breed and coat they might be, so I’ll post those ASAP!
They will be born in about 3-4 weeks, maybe more though. We are trying to build a C n C cage which we will most likely bring in cold if its freezing cold when she’s expecting!
We’ll keep you posted!

Bella and Pigs 🙂



7 thoughts on “Willow- pregnant?!

    • Thank you ^_^
      I’m off school sick today so I will probably be making another couple of cosies!
      Also will order C n C cage materials ready for Willow. 🙂

  1. Well that would be adorable to see teeny baby piggies. Will you be keeping them or finding forever homes for them? How long do they need to be with their Mum before they can leave her? I bet you’re excited!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Indeed it would!
      I have already found homes for them basically! I would love to keep a female baby but I would also like to keep one of bumble’s when I breed her, because I love Abyssinians! It’s gonna be a hard decision, I’m kinda hoping that the decisions already made for me and that there won’t be any girls!!! I have neighbours down the road who have 2 children, they love my guinea pigs and their parents are seriously considering it! They are very nice and I could easily give them a hand as they are literally 10 seconds away, also I could see the babies whenever I like!
      If all else fails, I can take them to a show sale pen where they will go to a forever home 🙂
      Wish I could keep them all though!

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