Mummy has been sick :(

As whee all know, time waits for no man, woman, girl, boy or guinea pig, but when somebody is ill then they can’t be bothered to do anything! 

So whee are going to apologise on mummy’s behalf, wish you a very happy late thanksgiving, a great Black Friday, and a fun weekend 🙂

Today whee haven’t been fed yet, but have been looking up some stuff for C n C cages. Whee found a very useful UK website which sell C n C cages and accessories!

Whee are hoping to order from them soon, would anyone reading this reccommend getting a loft? Whee are worried that any babies Willow might have might initally have trouble going up/down the ramp leading up to the loft. Any ideas?

Whee will almost definitely have a roof on it, as the cage will be in mummy’s room so that if/when babies are born, they won’t freeze in the garage and the cat can’t get to them. Don’t worry people; the cage will be baby proofed! Whee will put correx round the edges so that the babies can’t squeeze through the gaps.

Have a nice wheekend people!

Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble and Skye xxxxxxx


One thought on “Mummy has been sick :(

  1. Our Mummy says lofts can be good fun for piggies and a hay loft means you can keep the rest of the cage tidy which is always good. The thing to remember is; build sides and put something on the ramp for them to grip. A strip of carpet would be the best idea for that and the sides help them feel safe and secure enough to climb.

    Hope this helps

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

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