Our Goodies!

Here are all of our pawresents!
Whee got…
A Hanging Hay Ball
Some woody chews
Some Herb and Hay Chews
And some Dandelion and Green Oat!
All from Wilkinson’s in case you were wondering πŸ˜‰


Hello all you pawsome readers! Mummy has got us Christmas pawresents but won’t tell us what they are yet so you’ll have to wait!
Mummy gave Peppi a DEVASTATING haircut yesterday…. Mummy thinks it looks cute, and she says Peppi will appreciate it because her hair is out of the way (the reason she cut it was bepaws it was so long and annoying to brush), but it’s seriously pawful… Whee’ll post pigtures ASAP. Mummy’s grandpa got her a furry informative book about guinea pigs which, although she does know a lot about how to look after us properly, has lots of stuff she did not know about breed standards and information about the many purebred guinea pigs. Also it has a furry informative section on illnesses and diseases that could hurt us! So whee are furry grateful for that.
Mummy bought some seriously pawsome material for our second cage liner, it’s red and has sheep on it! Whee can’t wait for it to go in our cage.
In other news, mummy felt bad about Peppi, Toffee and I (Skye) being in the garage so when the babies are gone ( 😦 ) she is going to rotate who is in the C n C cage! So that me, Peppi and Toffee get to have some fun too!
Anyway, whee have to go be good so Santa Pig comes!
Have a furry merry Christmas effurybody! Whee hope Santa Pig or Santa Hooman comes for you too!
Skye, Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble, Bod, Bobla and Splodge xxxxxxxx


Planning ahead- Finding Homes- Guinea Pig Babies to go to a loving home in Stroud, Gloucestershire!

Firstly, Sihaya is interested in any girlies, and at the moment has ‘reserved’ Splodge! πŸ™‚ Just thought it would be a good idea to do a post about the bubbas as someone searched for ‘baby guinea pigs in stroud glos’ and found this blog, due to our post about Trooper’s babies.

I already have a couple of homes lined up but it’s good to have more in the queue. Once I have determined gender (at the moment I believe Bobla and Bod are boys and Splodge is a girl, but it’s hard to tell as of yet) then I will update but if anyone finds this post within the next couple of months and is interested in an Abyssinian Golden Agouti Boar (Bod) and a Chocolate Agouti Rough Coated Boar (Bobla) to go as a pair (if possible) then please contact me using the form at the bottom of this post or commenting. It would be good if you were in the Gloucestershire area and/or are a responsible owner who knows how to look after guinea pigs well.

Obviously Bod and Bobla are only nicknames so they can be changed. I love the names I’ve given them but if they were yours, you might have a different opinion and might’ve already decided a name! ^_^

I was looking up the abyssinian breed standardΒ and I’m pretty sure that Bod has all of the right rosettes and ridges- which is strange as Hunky wasn’t abyssinian- he was rough coated, to be specific he had a ridge on his back and a mohican! Also Hunky’s dad was exactly the same as Hunky whilst his mum was a smooth tri-colour (which I think is why Splodge has that ginger stripe down his side and the white foot and white/ginger splodge). Willow is smooth so it’s surprising to get a guinea pig with EIGHT rosettes out of a family tree with no rosettes!!!

I will take photos of his rosettes so that if someone knows whether there are any faults in his coat then they can let me know. ^_^

Both would also be fantastic pet pigs, as they have both been handled from the day they were born and both parents are lovely. Show-wise, Hunka Munka has got Best Juvenile Pet in many shows, has been in the final three in SuperPet many times, and Lulu (Hunky’s Mum) has got Best Pet and Best Juvenile Pet along with other awards! Willow has been entered in 1 show only where mummy didn’t do her claws well and she was only 4 months old! Willow came from a very good breeder- CandE Cavies.

If they wouldn’t be showed that’s perfectly fine as I don’t and never will breed my guinea pigs for showing purposes and only breed for beautiful healthy babies. This was my first time breeding and I won’t breed Willow again as it is difficult for a guinea pig to manage labour and I don’t want to put strain on her.

But someone who shows their pigs could find my blog and so just thought it would be good to put that there!

If anyone finds this then that’s great!

Here are some pictures of the two boys.

AND EDIT; I forgot the contact form!


New additions to the furamily!

Mummy gave us piggies some veggies to keep us happy and got the bubbas out of their bed. Willow and Bumble were fine with it and seemed happy as they could see the pups in mummy’s arms.

Mummy took some pigtures! Distinguishing figures on Bobla is his/her dark agouti and his/her white back foot (same as Willow!)

Bod/Bell is very inquisitive and is the biggest whee think. She is the exact mix of Willow and Hunky as he/she is rough coated and the same shade of golden agouti as Willow! Splodge has a ginger splodge on his/her nose and a white dot on that! He/she also has a white foot.

Here’s what you have all been waiting for!


Bobla, Bod/Bell (depends on gender) and Splodge

Quick post from Bella (aka mummy) So….what I said earlier about Christmas names? Forget it.

Because when I went out to the garage to feed all of the pigs, I noticed that Willow didn’t look quite so pregnant…

Then I opened the top of the cage to find three babies!

Splodge is the runt, black/gold with a white splodge on his/her nose.

Bod/Bell is a Golden Agouti Abyssinian, very very sweet

and Bobla is a slightly darker Golden Agouti!

I didn’t get to see any distinguishing figures as I was wary to touch them or disturb them.

Very exciting news!

Will post pigtures ASAP.

Bella x


9 days until Christmas!

So, with the countdown well underway whee have had a theme change!Β Whee love our new theme; don’t you? Whee think it’s very clever bepaws when you scroll down, it looks like snow is falling! Whee think it’s furry pawretty πŸ™‚

Our header image of us just doesn’t want to load as the header so whee’ve given up fur now.Β 

Willow is due to give birth within the next 2 wheeks so if she gives birth on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve whee will have to use Christmassy Names!

Whee have already come up with…


Created using wordle.com
Which is your favourite? Any other suggestions? Pawlease comment! ^_^


Whee are still awarding awards in a draft post which whee are working on, it’s taking some time so pawlease bear with us! If you have any suggestions fur nominations then whee will consider them as whee are having a hard time choosing πŸ™‚

Whee hope you are all healthy, unlike our mummy who has been feeling pawly 😦 Feeling pawly at Christmas when The Hooman Santa and the Piggy Santa come down the chimney and through the cage bars is furry unfair!

Enjoy your wheek!

Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble and Skye xxxxx