Exams and tests suck!

Well, mummy has been furry busy with a violin exam (which she thinks she’s failed) and a maths test (which she also thinks she’s failed) this wheek, and has been revising and practicing like crazy!
That’s why whee haven’t been near the computer recently, or our mummy’s iPhone which whee’re on now 🙂
Willow has been getting a lot bigger in the tummy area, whee have some pigtures on our mummy’s mummy’s phone (it has a much better camera) but whee can’t get to them right now and whee can’t get to our charts and tables right now to update them with the pigtures and the weight gain! Willow weighed 1224g when she was weighed her today, which whee think is a big increase in a wheek! What do you think? Comment in the comment section below!!!
Whee are getting furry excited about Christmas and Santa paws coming through the cage bars!!! Whee know he’s going to bring us lots of treats as whee’ve been furry good this year.
Have a furry nice sleep and remember, only 21 days to go when whee wake up tomorrow morning!
Piggy kisses
Toffee, Peppi, Willow, Bumble and Skye xxxxx


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