Our Door Sign is nearly done!

So, whee have an update on our door sign!
Mummy has nearly finished it, she just needs to put our names on it, drill two holes for an LED and a Switch, add a tune to the circuit, and then stick down the circuit holder!
Shouldn’t take too long, whee have been told it will be finished by next wheek! Once whee send the image to this laptop whee will set the background image (from the sign) with our names on as our header background, and then change the theme for the background of the page every so often. Maybe whee’ll have some snow or reindeer around Christmas time?
Apparently mummy said she felt some wriggling in willow’s stomach, although she could be imagining it!
Whee have to go now! Lots to eat, lots of energy to restore when whee sleep, lots of poop to poop!
Have a nice Furiday!
Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble and Skye
Xxxxx ❤


3 thoughts on “Our Door Sign is nearly done!

  1. Awww Willow. Are you going to take her to the vet to confirm the pregnancy and get some advice on specific diet and care soon? Whee don’t know much about it but whee know pregnancy can be dangerous for piggies.

    Paws crossed that if she is pregnant it all goes well.

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

    • Thank you! Whee know that guinea pigs need very high amounts of veggies already, but when they’re pregnant they need more veggies, especially ones high in calcium and vitamin C. Some good examples of these are celery and red pepper! Also alfalfa based guinea pig food is good, so whee are going to purchase some and mix it in with the normal food.
      🙂 xxxxx

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