Arguments among friends

So, mummy’s big bro has been round this wheekend, and now is the first chance whee’ve had to post! Today mummy woke up, showered, dressed etc., had breakfast, played a football game, scored, won the game, ate lunch, did 4 homeworks, cleaned us all out, fed us, gave us veggies, hay, water and cuddles, did 3 more homeworks, had dinner, did even more homework, and is now exhausted and going to bed. Whee think she deserves a break! Too much homework! Wheekends should be used for cuddling guinea pigs and enjoying yourself, not slaving away researching boring queens and kings and writing paragraphs about socialism and capitalism! Whee think whee should protest!
Willow has been getting very grumpy, whee don’t know why, and has been chattering her teeth at Bumble, and bullying Bumble by pushing her out of the way and aggressively jutting her head into Bumble’s face. 😦 Hopefully she’ll be back to normal soon!
Whee also finally ordered the C n C grids and connectors today, from (at least whee think that’s the web address!)
Whee ordered a 4×2 cage with a 1×2 loft and a roof. Whee are going to get the correx from a local sign makers or from a eBay seller whee have found, whichever is cheapest!!
Anyway, hope you had a great wheekend!
Toffee, Peppi, Willow, Bumble and Skye xxxxx


3 thoughts on “Arguments among friends

  1. If Wilow is pregant, that’s NORMAL behavior in some sows. Do you have C & C cages? If your cage is big enough, a divider wall without coroplast (just the cube) until she is close to having her babies may be in order. Some sows just turn into these little balls of aggression when they’re pregnant, though in one case with one set of sows I had it was the sister of the pregnant sow who flipped and kept attacking her sister. It’s just a bad dynamic. Try subdividing access in a big cage if you can before separating her altogether. Hope this helps.

    • Just re-read this and saw that you are gettin C & C. A 4×2 is too small to subdivide, but if you’re clever and get more connectors, you could build two cages that touched each other on a 2-panel.wall in the shape of an “L.”

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