Door sign complete!

Whee are furry pleased to announce that our door sign is finished! It looks great in our opinion! Whee chose ‘Mission Impossible’ as the tune because whee are so incredibly naughty!
Whee have a picture, and a video on our YouTube Channel which whee will insert here when whee are next on the computer (probably tomorrow) as you can’t do it from the WordPress app.

Whee will try and set the background as our header soon, whee need to face the technicalities first.
In other news, Willow and Bumble are bezzies again! Thanks Val for the advice, whee have a spare cage ready in case she gets grumpy again! Whee thought whee could use the loft cubes as an extension to the cage if necessary rather than a loft. Just an idea!
Willow is definitely pregnant whee think, lots of wiggling in her tummy and she’s drinking half a bottle of water a day as well as eating all of her dry food and veggies.
Whee are going to weigh her again tomorrow!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Toffee, Peppi, Willow, Bumble and Skye


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