I don’t think so!

Friends as co-writers? I don’t think so!
My friends who were going to help (Maria and Sihaya) only did 0-1 post(s), so asking others to help probably wasn’t the best move I’ve made!
Lesson learned: don’t promise thing you don’t have. (To your readers)
Also I have acknowledged the rewards I have been awarded by some seriously awesome humans and furries, but if I do a rewards page before awarding the awards to others, then I am breaking the rules!
So as soon as I’ve found some nominees, I shall do a post and a page of my awards. It feels a bit weird nominating people for awards, as I’ve only been blogging regularly for 2 months or so (with the odd couple of days missed, it’s true), and some humans or furries I will nominate might’ve been blogging for 2-4 Years, maybe more. I was pretty shocked when I got 2 awards within the last week! I don’t know the significance of these awards but just the fact that people are actually reading my blog regularly means a lot to me.
So a big thank you to the 2 blogs who nominated me (I’m really tired and can only remember that Clowie nominated me for the Liebster Award), I really really really appreciate it.
Thanks so much 🙂
Also, if you could give me any feedback on my blog and what I should change/keep, then that would also be great. Do you like the care segments? The comical segments? The make and do segments?
Thanks to everyone who’s read this post, or any other post. It makes me feel really great getting emails saying people have followed or liked my blog/posts!
Bella And Her Guinea Pigs


2 thoughts on “I don’t think so!

  1. Awards can be overwhelming…….we had to move ours to a separate page or they would have devoured the entire blog! HAHAHAHA Congratulations on any awards you get – YES it means people enjoy your writing and hearing about the piggies and it’s always nice to know that what you’re writing is actually seen and appreciated.

    Pam and Sammy

    • Haha thanks Sammy and Pam!
      Thanks for letting me know 🙂
      I will most likely make a new page but it doesn’t let me do more than one post on pages for some reason :/
      Bella and pigs 🙂

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