9 days until Christmas!

So, with the countdown well underway whee have had a theme change! Whee love our new theme; don’t you? Whee think it’s very clever bepaws when you scroll down, it looks like snow is falling! Whee think it’s furry pawretty 🙂

Our header image of us just doesn’t want to load as the header so whee’ve given up fur now. 

Willow is due to give birth within the next 2 wheeks so if she gives birth on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve whee will have to use Christmassy Names!

Whee have already come up with…


Created using wordle.com
Which is your favourite? Any other suggestions? Pawlease comment! ^_^


Whee are still awarding awards in a draft post which whee are working on, it’s taking some time so pawlease bear with us! If you have any suggestions fur nominations then whee will consider them as whee are having a hard time choosing 🙂

Whee hope you are all healthy, unlike our mummy who has been feeling pawly 😦 Feeling pawly at Christmas when The Hooman Santa and the Piggy Santa come down the chimney and through the cage bars is furry unfair!

Enjoy your wheek!

Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble and Skye xxxxx


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