Bobla, Bod/Bell (depends on gender) and Splodge

Quick post from Bella (aka mummy) So….what I said earlier about Christmas names? Forget it.

Because when I went out to the garage to feed all of the pigs, I noticed that Willow didn’t look quite so pregnant…

Then I opened the top of the cage to find three babies!

Splodge is the runt, black/gold with a white splodge on his/her nose.

Bod/Bell is a Golden Agouti Abyssinian, very very sweet

and Bobla is a slightly darker Golden Agouti!

I didn’t get to see any distinguishing figures as I was wary to touch them or disturb them.

Very exciting news!

Will post pigtures ASAP.

Bella x


6 thoughts on “Bobla, Bod/Bell (depends on gender) and Splodge

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Three little babies – how wonderful and exciting. Can’t WAIT to see them and I hope Mom and babies are doing super fine. What a perfect Christmas present……I bet they’re adorable.

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy

    • Thank you Sammy!
      Whee loved your name Bell so much that one of the babies is going to be called that if it’s a girl 🙂
      They are!
      Check our blog in 10 mins bepaws mummy just cuddled them and took lots of photos which will be going up in just a moment 🙂

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