New additions to the furamily!

Mummy gave us piggies some veggies to keep us happy and got the bubbas out of their bed. Willow and Bumble were fine with it and seemed happy as they could see the pups in mummy’s arms.

Mummy took some pigtures! Distinguishing figures on Bobla is his/her dark agouti and his/her white back foot (same as Willow!)

Bod/Bell is very inquisitive and is the biggest whee think. She is the exact mix of Willow and Hunky as he/she is rough coated and the same shade of golden agouti as Willow! Splodge has a ginger splodge on his/her nose and a white dot on that! He/she also has a white foot.

Here’s what you have all been waiting for!


4 thoughts on “New additions to the furamily!

  1. Oh they’re SO adorable!!!! They’re not as tiny as I thought they would be and somehow I wasn’t sure if they’d have fur on them as newborns but there they are – furry and eyes open and happy as can be. I hope they’re all doing well – they’re nice and warm and with their Mummy so that’s grand. Sure are cutie-pies!!

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy

    • Whee think so too!
      Well, Splodge is tiny, but they are still born quite large. Yes, guinea pigs are born with fur and open their eyes almost immediately after birth!
      Mummy brought them inside in the new C n C cage today- Bumble loved it! They all went exploring which was adorable.
      Thanks Sammy!

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