Planning ahead- Finding Homes- Guinea Pig Babies to go to a loving home in Stroud, Gloucestershire!

Firstly, Sihaya is interested in any girlies, and at the moment has ‘reserved’ Splodge! ๐Ÿ™‚ Just thought it would be a good idea to do a post about the bubbas as someone searched for ‘baby guinea pigs in stroud glos’ and found this blog, due to our post about Trooper’s babies.

I already have a couple of homes lined up but it’s good to have more in the queue. Once I have determined gender (at the moment I believe Bobla and Bod are boys and Splodge is a girl, but it’s hard to tell as of yet) then I will update but if anyone finds this post within the next couple of months and is interested in an Abyssinian Golden Agouti Boar (Bod) and a Chocolate Agouti Rough Coated Boar (Bobla) to go as a pair (if possible) then please contact me using the form at the bottom of this post or commenting. It would be good if you were in the Gloucestershire area and/or are a responsible owner who knows how to look after guinea pigs well.

Obviously Bod and Bobla are only nicknames so they can be changed. I love the names I’ve given them but if they were yours, you might have a different opinion and might’ve already decided a name! ^_^

I was looking up the abyssinian breed standardย and I’m pretty sure that Bod has all of the right rosettes and ridges- which is strange as Hunky wasn’t abyssinian- he was rough coated, to be specific he had a ridge on his back and a mohican! Also Hunky’s dad was exactly the same as Hunky whilst his mum was a smooth tri-colour (which I think is why Splodge has that ginger stripe down his side and the white foot and white/ginger splodge). Willow is smooth so it’s surprising to get a guinea pig with EIGHT rosettes out of a family tree with no rosettes!!!

I will take photos of his rosettes so that if someone knows whether there are any faults in his coat then they can let me know. ^_^

Both would also be fantastic pet pigs, as they have both been handled from the day they were born and both parents are lovely. Show-wise, Hunka Munka has got Best Juvenile Pet in many shows, has been in the final three in SuperPet many times, and Lulu (Hunky’s Mum) has got Best Pet and Best Juvenile Pet along with other awards! Willow has been entered in 1 show only where mummy didn’t do her claws well and she was only 4 months old! Willow came from a very good breeder- CandE Cavies.

If they wouldn’t be showed that’s perfectly fine as I don’t and never will breed my guinea pigs for showing purposes and only breed for beautiful healthy babies. This was my first time breeding and I won’t breed Willow again as it is difficult for a guinea pig to manage labour and I don’t want to put strain on her.

But someone who shows their pigs could find my blog and so just thought it would be good to put that there!

If anyone finds this then that’s great!

Here are some pictures of the two boys.

AND EDIT; I forgot the contact form!


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