Hello all you pawsome readers! Mummy has got us Christmas pawresents but won’t tell us what they are yet so you’ll have to wait!
Mummy gave Peppi a DEVASTATING haircut yesterday…. Mummy thinks it looks cute, and she says Peppi will appreciate it because her hair is out of the way (the reason she cut it was bepaws it was so long and annoying to brush), but it’s seriously pawful… Whee’ll post pigtures ASAP. Mummy’s grandpa got her a furry informative book about guinea pigs which, although she does know a lot about how to look after us properly, has lots of stuff she did not know about breed standards and information about the many purebred guinea pigs. Also it has a furry informative section on illnesses and diseases that could hurt us! So whee are furry grateful for that.
Mummy bought some seriously pawsome material for our second cage liner, it’s red and has sheep on it! Whee can’t wait for it to go in our cage.
In other news, mummy felt bad about Peppi, Toffee and I (Skye) being in the garage so when the babies are gone ( 😦 ) she is going to rotate who is in the C n C cage! So that me, Peppi and Toffee get to have some fun too!
Anyway, whee have to go be good so Santa Pig comes!
Have a furry merry Christmas effurybody! Whee hope Santa Pig or Santa Hooman comes for you too!
Skye, Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble, Bod, Bobla and Splodge xxxxxxxx