Whee are back!

So, after an extremely long break after Christmas, whee are back!
Whee have had a change of theme as Christmas is over, but whee are still hoping it doesn’t snow although mummy hopes it does!
The babies were separated from their mum on Tuesday as they are all boys and are massive for their age and were already rumbling!
Mummy has taken loads more pigtures which she will upload ASAP.
Facts about the babies:


Bod popcorns all the time! He is literally the happiest guinea pig ever to popcorn on this earth. He also gives kisses and is extremely loud, squeaking for food the second mummy tries to go to sleep.


Bobla is very friendly and kisses everyone! He is very expressive with his squeaks, and very snuggly. Mummy secretly admits that she *might* favour Bobla over the other two, although she would never say so, so keep it quiet!


Splodge has really soft fur (although it will be rough when he’s full grown) and is the quietest of the three! He doesn’t nibble or give kisses, and is very clingy to the other two!

Whee have found homes down the road for two of the babies, they can only have two though so whee are not sure who will have the other baby yet.

Squeak to you later, furries and hooman beans!

Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble, Skye, Bod, Bobla and Splodge

P.S Whee have been fed bran a lot recently, bepaws it’s delicious! Especially Skye who has gone off her food and has to have it mixed in with bran for her to eat it. 😦 Also mummy read that potato peelings, boiled like you would normally with potatoes, are very yummy when mashed into bran…THEY ARE!!!!
(Jus’ saying; Potato peelings are poisonous when raw, so be careful!)


2 thoughts on “Whee are back!

  1. Well it sounds like the babies are doing quite well and developing their little personalities……soon they’ll be “leaving the nest” and we hope the one who doesn’t have a forever home lined up WILL soon…..nobody wants to be “left behind” !! 😦

    Hugs, Sammy

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