The White Screen of Death

Type that into google, and you will read about dropping iPhones. That is what our extremely stupid mummy managed to do. So, she has been using what she calls ‘the crappy samsung’ and moaning about it. Whee say it’s her fault, but she just doesn’t want to listen! But this has meant pretty much no posting for a while and she lost a lot of photos of us (which one is more devastating?).
However, she has been ‘borrowing’ her mum’s iPad mini to take photos and edit them (a new thing!) and she has just downloaded WordPress so should be able to start posting on there. She has tons of photos to upload which whee are sure she will do when she has the time. ^_^
Good but bad news; Bobla and Splodge went to their new home down the road today! Mummy couldn’t stop crying when she got home bepaws she was so sad! Luckily she will get to see them as often as she wants but she was still sad. Also she took loadsa photos before they left so she has a lot of editing to do!
Much to her annoyance she has once again left all of her homework to the last minute but gave us the laptop to sit on for a while. Much to her surprise when she comes back she will find a beautifully written blog post by us!
Whee made mummy make more cosies and she is thinking of starting a cosy business at the next show. Whee were thinking of names such as ‘Love you Cavy- Love your Cosies!’ or something- does anyfurry else have any ideas?
Great to be able to talk to you again, whee’ve really missed our blogosphere friends ^_^
Squeak to you later!
Toffee, Peppi, Willow, Bumble, Skye and Bod
+ Love from down the road ^_^ xxxxxxxx

P.S: This was meant to be posted yesterday but whee accidentally clicked ‘save as draft’ instead of Publish :O


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