Long time, no squeak!

Mummy has been very lazy… She kept forgettting to post!

However, whee are back now! Mummy is going over to a friend’s house in a couple of hours, so before she goes she thought whee should post, as whee has been very bad at posting recently.

In other news, she is having a dilemma; her mum says that if she wants to keep Bod and breed Bumble, she has to get Bod neutered… And even if she does her mum still isn’t keen on her breeding Bumble!
It also means that she won’t be able to get any more guinea pigs for a long time, or keep any of Bumble’s babies… Any ideas on which option to choose?

She is thinking of taking Bod to the next show, seeing how he does, and then maybe selling him at the National Show in March when there will be more people… Whee’ll see, I guess.

She has finished editing more pigtures of the babies; in a minute she’ll go on the iPad and upload them, so whee’ll squeak to you later!

-Toffee, Peppi, Willow, Bumble, Skye and Bod xxxxxx


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