Titles are furry annoying!

Whee just can’t think of titles!

Sorry it’s been a while, mummy has had sports stuff this week and she had a maths test today which she *may* have procrastinated revising for…………….

It’s a very rare disorder called ‘severe procrastination type B’

Anyway, whee are here now, and when looking at our stats, whee saw that whee have had views even when whee haven’t posted… which is good ^_^ What do you furries think of the new theme? Oui ou non? (Our french skills are just fabulous, dontcha think?!)

Whee have a show coming up on the 22nd, Bod is being entered but has to be sold at the next show in March 😦

He will go to a good home there though, so it will all be okay!! Mummy will be sad 😦

Mummy is going to update the care guide soon with things she has learnt so watch that space!

Lots of loveeeeeeee

Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble, Skye and Bod xxxxxx

Whee love to read your comments so please leave one down below!

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