~ Guinea Pig Show ~

Hello efurryone! At 10:30pm last night, mummy finally finished preparing us for the show! Whee had to get up really early, but it was worth it because whee got loads of cuddles.

Peppi, Bumble, Willow and Bod were entered; Toffee couldn’t be because she has a fungal infection, whee were going to take her to the vets but the very kind and clever people at Gorgeous Guineas were very helpful and when they saw a pigture of Toffee’s nose recommended what whee should use on it, and they said it (and the tiny lump on her foot) should clear up, the lump may get bigger but it should be okay. So that’s good! Whee all hope she makes a good recovery.

The show was really great, mummy, Sihaya and Maria went to Yo!Sushi for lunch which apparently is the most amazing restaurant ever. (mummy says: If you go, get the bean things and the miso soup, it’s amazing) 

Anyway, when they got back, Bumble was being judged in ‘Rough Coated Pets AA Chall’ which is all rough coated pets, all ages challenge. Bumble won! However, there was a mixup with the rosettes so she didn’t get the rosette but when they talked to a really nice man he said he couldn’t take the rosette back but he’ll send one to us! So whee are really grateful for that… Then Bumble was in ‘J/O Pet Chall’ (Juvenile Owned Pet Challenge) where she….. won! So mummy has another rosette in her room, this one is really pretty; it’s pink and blue! That was out of 36! Then it was the PET GRAND CHALLENGE!

They brought out this lovely Adult Owned adult pet, who came first…. but as Bumble is in the 5/8 months category, mummy was ecstatic when she came second!!! She didn’t get a rosette but that doesn’t matter!

2nd out of 91 guinea pigs is furry amazing right?

Peppi did well, she came high in her longhaired pets class but didn’t quite make it. She did really well though! ^_^ Willow came just behind Sihaya’s guinea pig Bramble who is beautiful, very plump and friendly. She came fourth in J/O Pets. 🙂

Bod did okay, not that great because he’s so little but he got a much needed bath ^_^ Mummy is furry sad because she has to sell him furry soon, which is sad but whee think it’s unfair to keep him living on his own.

In other news, Maria gave us some advice on how to introduce Skye to the others without them fighting. She suggested washing them and then sprinkling them and a clean cage with vanilla essence and then introduce them. This worked for her, so whee will test this soon and hope for the best!

Bumble is going to be bred with Hunka Munka very soon, which is super exciting!

Very exciting day, whee are all furry tired so whee are going to bed now!

Night night!

Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble, Skye and Bod

xxxxxx ^_^ Squeak to you soon 🙂

Whee love to read your comments so please leave one down below!

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