~Squeak attack~

So yesterday mummy was just doing homework in her room when Bod started squeaking sooo loudly she jumped out of her skin!

She didn’t know why so she got him out for a cuddle and was fine, maybe he was just attention seeking?!

Sorry whee haven’t posted, life has been furry hectic at the moment.

Toffee’s condition hasn’t changed much, the cream has been applied effuryday to her nose and foot and hopefully it will get better.

Skye’s ears are also being treated with the same cream; the outside only of course. Skye’s eye was looking sore yesterday but it seems fine today, whee think maybe she just scratched it on something in her cage; it was a bit bloodshot but seems fine now, so that’s good.

Mummy has been so tired recently! Once whee are done writing this she is going to sleep, she can’t wait! She hasn’t done her homework but there are many excuses to be used yet 😉

Anyway whee really must go; sorry for the short post!

~Toffee, Peppi, Willow, Bumble, Skye and Bod xxxxxx


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