About Us!


Our blog is where whee squeak to you about what’s going on in our lives. Our mummy is called Bella Brown, and she loves us to bits (or so she says)!

There were originally 4 of us when whee started this blog, me (Peppi), Toffee, Willow, and Bumble. Then mummy adopted Skye who lives by herself but can squeak to us furry easily. Skye is lovely with the hoomans but isn’t so good with us as she’d lived by herself for 2 years and was neglected. Efforts have been made to reintroduce her to us piggies but it led to unhappiness and she attacked Bumble so whee had to put her in a different cage.

On the 16th of December 2013, Willow gave birth to three babies! Mummy doesn’t know yet what gender they are but she has nicknamed them Bobla, Splodge and the third is Bod if it’s a boy or Bell if it’s a girl. (inspired by Sammy the cat at onespoiledcat)

Here are some pigtures of all of us furries!


I am a Peruvian, I have a Lemon Agouti nose, beautiful silky white hair (if I do say so myself), and a furry laid back personality. I love lying on people and eating cucumber!


Toffee is actually mummy’s brother’s pig, but mummy looks after her and she’s absolutely gorgeous. She is a coronet cross/english, so her fur has come out middle-ish length and as you can see, she has a crest which comes from her coronet lineage. She is a lovely ginger colour, which really shines up when washed!

She is so laid back, and she loves eating, being tickled under the chin, and having her back massaged.


Willow is an absolutely crazy golden agouti. She has one white foot, which adds to her quirkyness! She loves being cuddled, hates the noise of plastic bag rustling, and also runs around her cage like a maniac. She is very close to her best friend, Bumble, and they are often seen eating together. 😀 Willow is a wonderful mummy.


Bumble is a very clingy little pig. She is a black/gold Abyssinian, and looks like a Bumble bee, hence being called Bumble. Mummy calls her Bumbsy a lot, as she is such an adorable pig, and when you put her back in her cage she wheeeeeeeeeks for more cuddles!

She is a very laid back pig most of the time, and loves her best pal, Willow. Whilst Willow runs around like crazy, Bumble just sits there, nibbling on a bit of food. She is the sweetest pig ever to exist! 😀


Skye is a golden agouti, red and white Teddy.

Mummy adopted Skye from a close friend of hers, whose parents are split up which made it very difficult to look after her properly. Anyway, she’s settled in now but doesn’t get on with us, so lives in a big cage by herself. She loves sweetcorn, and squeaks the loudest when mummy comes into the garage with veggies. She stands up on whatever she can find (her bowl, her bed) and won’t shut up until you’ve given her veggies!


7 thoughts on “About Us!

  1. Bumble is like Noah who was actually very nearly called Bumble too!

    Pussywillow really reminds Mummy of her beloved Nutty who passed away a few months ago. If you check out our rainbow bridge page you can see him and there is a video Mummy made full of pigtures of his adorable face.


    • Noah is very handsome!
      Nutty is very like willow, so sad that he passed away. He was a lovely pig;
      R.I.P Nutty!
      Thanks for commenting and liking, Buddy, Basil, Nacho and Noah 🙂

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