Cute pigtures :)

So, to give you a taster of some of mummy’s amazing editing skills (we squeak sarcastically) here are some photos of the baby boys!
Mummy’s favourite pigture is of Splodge and Bobla on her arm, because Bobla is flat out on his tummy relaxing!
She will tile mosaic and caption them later on her laptop, but for now…



Where’ll upload more soon!
At the moment mummy is sitting in front of the fire with her brother playing on the XBox and the cat next to her, whilst she’s with us on the iPad. *this is the life*

Squeak to you later!
Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble, Skye and Bod xxxxxx


Our Goodies!

Here are all of our pawresents!
Whee got…
A Hanging Hay Ball
Some woody chews
Some Herb and Hay Chews
And some Dandelion and Green Oat!
All from Wilkinson’s in case you were wondering 😉


I don’t think so!

Friends as co-writers? I don’t think so!
My friends who were going to help (Maria and Sihaya) only did 0-1 post(s), so asking others to help probably wasn’t the best move I’ve made!
Lesson learned: don’t promise thing you don’t have. (To your readers)
Also I have acknowledged the rewards I have been awarded by some seriously awesome humans and furries, but if I do a rewards page before awarding the awards to others, then I am breaking the rules!
So as soon as I’ve found some nominees, I shall do a post and a page of my awards. It feels a bit weird nominating people for awards, as I’ve only been blogging regularly for 2 months or so (with the odd couple of days missed, it’s true), and some humans or furries I will nominate might’ve been blogging for 2-4 Years, maybe more. I was pretty shocked when I got 2 awards within the last week! I don’t know the significance of these awards but just the fact that people are actually reading my blog regularly means a lot to me.
So a big thank you to the 2 blogs who nominated me (I’m really tired and can only remember that Clowie nominated me for the Liebster Award), I really really really appreciate it.
Thanks so much 🙂
Also, if you could give me any feedback on my blog and what I should change/keep, then that would also be great. Do you like the care segments? The comical segments? The make and do segments?
Thanks to everyone who’s read this post, or any other post. It makes me feel really great getting emails saying people have followed or liked my blog/posts!
Bella And Her Guinea Pigs


Door sign complete!

Whee are furry pleased to announce that our door sign is finished! It looks great in our opinion! Whee chose ‘Mission Impossible’ as the tune because whee are so incredibly naughty!
Whee have a picture, and a video on our YouTube Channel which whee will insert here when whee are next on the computer (probably tomorrow) as you can’t do it from the WordPress app.

Whee will try and set the background as our header soon, whee need to face the technicalities first.
In other news, Willow and Bumble are bezzies again! Thanks Val for the advice, whee have a spare cage ready in case she gets grumpy again! Whee thought whee could use the loft cubes as an extension to the cage if necessary rather than a loft. Just an idea!
Willow is definitely pregnant whee think, lots of wiggling in her tummy and she’s drinking half a bottle of water a day as well as eating all of her dry food and veggies.
Whee are going to weigh her again tomorrow!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Toffee, Peppi, Willow, Bumble and Skye


Arguments among friends

So, mummy’s big bro has been round this wheekend, and now is the first chance whee’ve had to post! Today mummy woke up, showered, dressed etc., had breakfast, played a football game, scored, won the game, ate lunch, did 4 homeworks, cleaned us all out, fed us, gave us veggies, hay, water and cuddles, did 3 more homeworks, had dinner, did even more homework, and is now exhausted and going to bed. Whee think she deserves a break! Too much homework! Wheekends should be used for cuddling guinea pigs and enjoying yourself, not slaving away researching boring queens and kings and writing paragraphs about socialism and capitalism! Whee think whee should protest!
Willow has been getting very grumpy, whee don’t know why, and has been chattering her teeth at Bumble, and bullying Bumble by pushing her out of the way and aggressively jutting her head into Bumble’s face. 😦 Hopefully she’ll be back to normal soon!
Whee also finally ordered the C n C grids and connectors today, from http://www.grendle.com (at least whee think that’s the web address!)
Whee ordered a 4×2 cage with a 1×2 loft and a roof. Whee are going to get the correx from a local sign makers or from a eBay seller whee have found, whichever is cheapest!!
Anyway, hope you had a great wheekend!
Toffee, Peppi, Willow, Bumble and Skye xxxxx


Our Door Sign is nearly done!

So, whee have an update on our door sign!
Mummy has nearly finished it, she just needs to put our names on it, drill two holes for an LED and a Switch, add a tune to the circuit, and then stick down the circuit holder!
Shouldn’t take too long, whee have been told it will be finished by next wheek! Once whee send the image to this laptop whee will set the background image (from the sign) with our names on as our header background, and then change the theme for the background of the page every so often. Maybe whee’ll have some snow or reindeer around Christmas time?
Apparently mummy said she felt some wriggling in willow’s stomach, although she could be imagining it!
Whee have to go now! Lots to eat, lots of energy to restore when whee sleep, lots of poop to poop!
Have a nice Furiday!
Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble and Skye
Xxxxx ❤


Tummy time!

So, firstly, whee want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Clowie @ Clowie’s Corner who gave us an award this morning. What a lovely surprise to wake up to! Whee were extremely surprised, thank you furry much Clowie!

In othfur news, whee have the pigtures of willow’s tummy!!!
Whee will make them look all posh in a gallery format when whee are next on the laptop, it isn’t working right now unfortunately 😦
But whee think it’s better than nothing!



And whee know the photos look furry blurry when whee post them from the phone, so we’ll edit them and add some more tomorrow 🙂
Whee got our new hay from the post office this morning! Very expensive whee thought, as the bag wasn’t as big as whee imagined, but it’s compressed but if whee can find a cheaper alternative that is still good quality then whee will use that instead. 🙂
Stay warm on this frosty night!
Toffee, Peppi, Willow, Bumble, Skye (and maybe some little babies in willow’s tummy too!)