Long time, no squeak!

Mummy has been very lazy… She kept forgettting to post!

However, whee are back now! Mummy is going over to a friend’s house in a couple of hours, so before she goes she thought whee should post, as whee has been very bad at posting recently.

In other news, she is having a dilemma; her mum says that if she wants to keep Bod and breed Bumble, she has to get Bod neutered… And even if she does her mum still isn’t keen on her breeding Bumble!
It also means that she won’t be able to get any more guinea pigs for a long time, or keep any of Bumble’s babies… Any ideas on which option to choose?

She is thinking of taking Bod to the next show, seeing how he does, and then maybe selling him at the National Show in March when there will be more people… Whee’ll see, I guess.

She has finished editing more pigtures of the babies; in a minute she’ll go on the iPad and upload them, so whee’ll squeak to you later!

-Toffee, Peppi, Willow, Bumble, Skye and Bod xxxxxx


Cute pigtures :)

So, to give you a taster of some of mummy’s amazing editing skills (we squeak sarcastically) here are some photos of the baby boys!
Mummy’s favourite pigture is of Splodge and Bobla on her arm, because Bobla is flat out on his tummy relaxing!
She will tile mosaic and caption them later on her laptop, but for now…



Where’ll upload more soon!
At the moment mummy is sitting in front of the fire with her brother playing on the XBox and the cat next to her, whilst she’s with us on the iPad. *this is the life*

Squeak to you later!
Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble, Skye and Bod xxxxxx


The White Screen of Death

Type that into google, and you will read about dropping iPhones. That is what our extremely stupid mummy managed to do. So, she has been using what she calls ‘the crappy samsung’ and moaning about it. Whee say it’s her fault, but she just doesn’t want to listen! But this has meant pretty much no posting for a while and she lost a lot of photos of us (which one is more devastating?).
However, she has been ‘borrowing’ her mum’s iPad mini to take photos and edit them (a new thing!) and she has just downloaded WordPress so should be able to start posting on there. She has tons of photos to upload which whee are sure she will do when she has the time. ^_^
Good but bad news; Bobla and Splodge went to their new home down the road today! Mummy couldn’t stop crying when she got home bepaws she was so sad! Luckily she will get to see them as often as she wants but she was still sad. Also she took loadsa photos before they left so she has a lot of editing to do!
Much to her annoyance she has once again left all of her homework to the last minute but gave us the laptop to sit on for a while. Much to her surprise when she comes back she will find a beautifully written blog post by us!
Whee made mummy make more cosies and she is thinking of starting a cosy business at the next show. Whee were thinking of names such as ‘Love you Cavy- Love your Cosies!’ or something- does anyfurry else have any ideas?
Great to be able to talk to you again, whee’ve really missed our blogosphere friends ^_^
Squeak to you later!
Toffee, Peppi, Willow, Bumble, Skye and Bod
+ Love from down the road ^_^ xxxxxxxx

P.S: This was meant to be posted yesterday but whee accidentally clicked ‘save as draft’ instead of Publish :O


Whee are back!

So, after an extremely long break after Christmas, whee are back!
Whee have had a change of theme as Christmas is over, but whee are still hoping it doesn’t snow although mummy hopes it does!
The babies were separated from their mum on Tuesday as they are all boys and are massive for their age and were already rumbling!
Mummy has taken loads more pigtures which she will upload ASAP.
Facts about the babies:


Bod popcorns all the time! He is literally the happiest guinea pig ever to popcorn on this earth. He also gives kisses and is extremely loud, squeaking for food the second mummy tries to go to sleep.


Bobla is very friendly and kisses everyone! He is very expressive with his squeaks, and very snuggly. Mummy secretly admits that she *might* favour Bobla over the other two, although she would never say so, so keep it quiet!


Splodge has really soft fur (although it will be rough when he’s full grown) and is the quietest of the three! He doesn’t nibble or give kisses, and is very clingy to the other two!

Whee have found homes down the road for two of the babies, they can only have two though so whee are not sure who will have the other baby yet.

Squeak to you later, furries and hooman beans!

Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble, Skye, Bod, Bobla and Splodge

P.S Whee have been fed bran a lot recently, bepaws it’s delicious! Especially Skye who has gone off her food and has to have it mixed in with bran for her to eat it. 😦 Also mummy read that potato peelings, boiled like you would normally with potatoes, are very yummy when mashed into bran…THEY ARE!!!!
(Jus’ saying; Potato peelings are poisonous when raw, so be careful!)


Our Goodies!

Here are all of our pawresents!
Whee got…
A Hanging Hay Ball
Some woody chews
Some Herb and Hay Chews
And some Dandelion and Green Oat!
All from Wilkinson’s in case you were wondering 😉


Hello all you pawsome readers! Mummy has got us Christmas pawresents but won’t tell us what they are yet so you’ll have to wait!
Mummy gave Peppi a DEVASTATING haircut yesterday…. Mummy thinks it looks cute, and she says Peppi will appreciate it because her hair is out of the way (the reason she cut it was bepaws it was so long and annoying to brush), but it’s seriously pawful… Whee’ll post pigtures ASAP. Mummy’s grandpa got her a furry informative book about guinea pigs which, although she does know a lot about how to look after us properly, has lots of stuff she did not know about breed standards and information about the many purebred guinea pigs. Also it has a furry informative section on illnesses and diseases that could hurt us! So whee are furry grateful for that.
Mummy bought some seriously pawsome material for our second cage liner, it’s red and has sheep on it! Whee can’t wait for it to go in our cage.
In other news, mummy felt bad about Peppi, Toffee and I (Skye) being in the garage so when the babies are gone ( 😦 ) she is going to rotate who is in the C n C cage! So that me, Peppi and Toffee get to have some fun too!
Anyway, whee have to go be good so Santa Pig comes!
Have a furry merry Christmas effurybody! Whee hope Santa Pig or Santa Hooman comes for you too!
Skye, Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble, Bod, Bobla and Splodge xxxxxxxx